doing a few Ducati updates this spring before riding season.

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I am no Shade tree mechanic by any means. I have even stopped changing my own oil in my vehicles. The most I new about vehicle mechanics is pretty limited. So this should be interesting to say the least. Hell I aint no dummie :0 I can read and follow a manual, so I am pretty confident I can get the job done..So here is the list.

Front sprocket
Rear sprocket
Rear tire
Front tire
New tank
New coils
Clean carbs
Install jetkit
Paint belt covers
Check rocker arms
Adjust timing belt tension
Change oil
Lube brake / shift cables
Install new slave cyl
Bleed brakes
Install new clutch/brake levers
Cobin seat re upholstered

So lets get started. I will be posting as I can some pics and maybe how I did things..

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Here are my belt covers which were gray. I never really noticed how HORID they looked until I pulled them off and painted them up. I used flat black Engine paint. I cleaned them up first with some comet and a scotch brit pad. Then I tossed them in the oven at 150 for 25 minutes. Pulled them out and wiped them down with an alcohol pad before I started painting. I am so anal I even used plastic gloves when I touched the parts to not get any of my own human ogre grease on them. I then applied 5 light coats one coat every 5 minutes or so. Then let them dry for 2 hours. Popped them in the oven for 20 minutes at 220, let them cool 30 minutes at 400, let them cool. 400 again for 30 minutes. Then that was it. It has been 5 day now and I say they look freaking sweet. Looks like they came from the factory.

This is my new black tank I pillaged from PeeBay. Got a great deal on it. Has no dings or dents. I few minor scratches that I can
Buff Bagwell out. But hell thats nothing. Its going to look a heck of allot better than the mega bright big bird bike I had last summer. Don’t get me wrong, yellow looks cool on some bikes, but I just looked like a mega douche. So I am going with the black tank with some flat black bits with gold bits here and there.
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Filter type thingomajig I posted up for help in the forums. Not sure what it really even is.

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Under tank PetCOCK

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