A Fresh Start.

Before riding season had to breath some new life into the Triple

Bought my Triumph with 2700 miles but I was sure it never had the oil or radiator cleaned let alone the chain.
The bike looks tremendous but needed cleaned and a fresh start to a new life.

duc and speed

Here you can see the Ducati and Triple in the background.




First off I Flushed the radiator 3 times until I started seeing clear beautiful Distilled water. This took
three full engine flushes before I was satisfied.
Then I filled with a mixture of Distilled water / water wetter and 15% radiator fluid.

Then I had to give it an oil change. The oil was looking pretty nasty. She was sitting in a garage for 6 months unridden and with a dead battery. So I had to install a new Yussa to give it life.

Changed the oil and filter. Castrol R4 Full synthetic 10w 40 with a new K&N filter.

Then hit the chain with some chain cleaner and some chain wax. Looks a ton better.





Installed a new set of Carbon fiber heal guards. I just thought the stock chrome set looked to shiny.
And while I was at it tossed on a Carbon fiber rear hugger. Not sure that was not factory installed but whatever




Bought a new cover and then hooked the bike up to TuneECU to look at the map,
which was the original. I also made sure there were no error codes.

And tossed in a new set of mirrors to finish it off for the time being.